Recent Before & After Photos

Restoration of City Hall in Bay City.

An accidental fire in the attic of the 1896 historic building damaged portions of the attic and 4th floor. However, most of the damage occurred from the discha... READ MORE

Residential Fire in Midland MI.

A wood-stove in a Midland garage caught fire which caused extensive damage to the garage and the second story finished living space. Smoke damage also occurred... READ MORE

Water Damage – Bay City Commercial Kitchen

Water damage struck this Bay City commercial kitchen when a frozen pipe burst. The definition of which is to “fly apart suddenly or violently, especially from i... READ MORE

Bay City Fire Damage - SERVPRO Rebuilds House

An electrical fire sparked the fire damage in this Bay City home. Before it was extinguished, it had destroyed part of the house and left the remainder with fir... READ MORE

Water Damage – Bay City Failed Plumbing

Water Damage in this Bay City, MI home was the result of failed plumbing. A tremendous amount of water accumulated above the ceiling of the before photo. Eventu... READ MORE

Flood Damage to Bay City Commercial Facility

Flood Damage at this Bay City industrial building prevented any work from being done. The owners needed a company with proper equipment and sufficient personnel... READ MORE

Household Mold Removal – Bay City

Household mold removal was required in this Bay City home. Undetected water damage that occurs in wet and dark areas can lead to mold in just a few days. By the... READ MORE